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Hidden Test Mode - Olympus OMD

As I was searching for some existing information about the camera and its predecessors, I found the following web page: http://www.biofos.com/cornucop/hidden.html

Several debug modes were published in the past years, but this one is new for the OM-D series.

As I pushed the wrong buttons, the camera showed a screen only the E-series cameras had. I did not know that you can also access it on an OM-D. That mode is called "Test" and allows to edit two values. Prg. contains 256 values and item 501.

Follow these steps to enter the Test mode:
  1. Shut down camera
  2. Start the camera with the "MENU" button pushed
  3. When the screen is fully loaded release it and push it again to access the menu
  4. go down to the 5th setting (basic camera settings)
  5. go to the Display brightness setting (push the right trigger one time)
  6. push "INFO" and then "MENU" to access the general debug menu
  7. now push in order: up - down - left - right - Shutter - OK

Why is this useful?

At the source's web page is a test with a custom ISO value. They managed to manipulate the top/low ISO values. Can we also enable a ISO-50 for example? Also I'm pretty sure, that the E-M10 supports shutter values below 1/4000. Maybe it can be unlocked that way. Other attempts to get information about the values: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/1601363 (6th post).

The Problem

All this is nice and maybe very useful, but: How do we shut down the "Test" app (I call it an App, because its labeled as a "Gui App" in the source code) and carry on with shooting without shutting down the camera? How do we see any changes?

Tip: If you push "OK" and therefore go back to the screen where "OLYMPUS E-M10" is written you can push and hold the "Review" button and shut down your camera. If you start the camera now while pushing the "Review" button again (Release it after a few seconds), the settings in the hidden menu remain intact. But I haven't seen any other effective setting to change.

more debug: http://lightsnowdev.blogspot.com/2014/09/new-color-and-setup-debug-menu.html

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