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New Olympus OM-D and PEN Firmware Leaks!

This is outdated. Please have a look here if you want to up/downgrade your camera.


Today I present you firmware leaks for the complete Olympus OM-D series and the PEN line-up. The files are all from the Olympus server. A complete feature list will follow. Since I only have an E-M10 it's up to you to write the new features in the comments. Thank you for that! :)

The new firmware versions are:

  • E-PL3: 1.5

  • E-PM3: 1.3

  • E-P3: 1.5

  • E-P5: 1.6

  • E-M1: 2.1

  • E-M5: 2.1

  • E-M10: 1.2

Only feature: Support of the new 40-150 2.8 lens and the teleconverter.

How to flash a firmware

First Download file and rename it:
  • If you have an E-PL3  rename it to "E0861500.BIN"
  • If you have an E-PM2 rename it to "E1011300.BIN"
  • If you have an E-P3    rename it to "E0851500.BIN"
  • If you have an E-P5    rename it to "E1081600.BIN"  
  • If you have an E-M1   rename it to "E1092100.BIN" 
  • If you have an E-M5   rename it to "E0972100.BIN"
  • If you have an E-M10 rename it to "E1131200.BIN"
  • Pay attention and rename the file right.
Put the file into a folder called "DCOLYMP" on your SD-Card.
Check if everything is correct and put the SD-Card into your camera. Now start the camera while pushing the OK button. The red LED will go on for about 1 minute. If it's flashing on/off you know, that the process is finished. You can restart your camera now and you're all done.

E-PL3: download link  
E-PM2: download link  
E-P3:    download link   
E-P5:    download link   
E-M1:   download link
E-M5:   download link
E-M10: download link

Is this save? Can this hurt my camera?
No, it will most likely not hurt your camera. This should be all save. Be aware of the risks, but don't be scared. Nothing is hacked here. Nothing modified. You wont loose your warranty if anything goes wrong.

Is this allowed?
Yes it is. 100%.

Will I loose my warranty?
No you will not. But maybe you want to wait for any claims after the firmware if officially released to be save.

Is this an official update?
Yes it's 100% official and made by Olympus itself. This firmware is not an development firmware, hacked or manipulated in any way. I found this file myself on the server. I'm not in touch with Olympus nor am I a beta tester.

Will Olympus know that I flashed it?
If you tell them or send them the camera before the firmware is released: Yes. Otherwise: No.
Even if you brick/break your camera with a firmware update, they will handle it as a normal defect.

I don't like the upgrade. Can I downgrade?
Yes you can. Download my Firmware Control Tool to restore your old firmware.

Other questions
Ask any other questions in the comments or you can contact me if you want.

Q: Will this break my camera? Is my warranty void?
A: No it will not break or brick your camera if you follow the tutorial. Even if something goes wrong your warranty should stay intact and you can contact your company to get a new camera.

Olympus Updater Query

The query from the official Olympus updater program is fairly simple. This example shows a standard one. The E-M1 in the example has the version 1.0 and the Olympus server shows the download link for version 2.0.

1. The tool reads out some variables from the camera (some are documented here).
2. The tool sends a HTTP POST request to the Olympus server:
  • Olympus accepts the request under several urls: (IP:, Struts Java, HTTP/1.1)
    • http://fw01.olympus-imaging.com/ww_inform/fcache.do
    • http://fw01.olympus-imaging.com/ww_inform/firmware2.do
    • http://fw01.olympus-imaging.com/ww_inform/firmware.do (not working, but exists)
  • Needed head variables:
    a) Content-Type: text/xml; Charset=UTF-8
    b) User-Agent: Olympus
  • Content: link to the file
3. The Olympus server sends a file back: link to the file
4. Program shows the result.