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Firmware Control: Tool to Flash any Firmware

This is outdated.
Please have a look here if you want to up/downgrade your camera.

This method is outdated:
I rewrote the Firmware Control tool to make it easier to use and compatible for everyone.
With this program you can flash any firmware of the Olympus OM-D and PEN and Stylus series. It makes it more easy to upgrade your firmware and allows people to separate the download and flash process. There are many cameras being supported. If your's is not, tell me and I will add support for it as well.


  • Flash/install any firmware
  • Flash official and unofficial updates/firmwares
  • Upgrade and downgrade your firmware - no matter which version you are coming from
  • Download any official firmware ever published for your camera


How to use the program?

First choose your camera, then select your firmware and download it. Put the firmware in a folder called "DCOLYMP" on your SD-Card and start your camera while pressing the OK button.
Wait until the red LED is blinking on/off. This means the process is finished and you can restart your camera. Finished!

Any risks? 

This might void your warranty. If you flash an official update from Olympus you are most likely on the save side. But there is no guarantee I can give you.
If you flash a custom firmware you are never on the save side. Think about what you are doing and always consider that this can break your camera.


Download links - Version 1.0a

//links not working any more. see information on top
Link 1.0a : Firmware Control 1.0.zip
Link 0.5   : Firmware Control 0.5.zip
Link 0.4   : Firmware Control 0.4d.zip
Link 0.3   : http://gdriv.es/olyfirmwarecontrol03
Link 0.2   : http://gdriv.es/olyfirmwarecontrol02
Link 0.1   : http://gdriv.es/olyfirmwarecontrol01

Version History

Version 0.5 //02.10.14
    rewrote the program
    support for E-P2 and E-P3
    supports SD-Card method, which is easier to use
Version 0.5 //08.09.14
    fixed a bug with the E-M1
Version 0.4d //20.08.14
    support for E-P5, E-PL3, E-PL5, E-PM2 & STYLUS 1
    Verison d - more bug fixes
Version 0.3 //13.08.14
    support for official updates
    new design - more easy to use
Version 0.2 //07.08.14
    support for E-M5
    support for E-M1 
Version 0.1 //06.08.14
    initial release
    flash any firmware
    support for E-M10


If you are having trouble editing the host file please got to the path "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" and open the file "hosts" with any text editor. Now remove those 2 lines:     dl01.olympus-imaging.com     fw01.olympus-imaging.com

If you want to access the Olympus server again, please remove the lines. This is necessary for version 1.0 to able to download a firmware.


Future plans

  • Mac Version
  • More in-app help/information
  • List of available (modified) firmware versions

Tell me your thoughts and wishes in the comments!
If you need support for other cameras let me know.


  1. Would love 30-40 Mbps in video mode and real zer0 sharpening in jpg/video.

  2. What do you mean by "real zer0 sharpening in jpg/video" ?

  3. If you set sharpening to -2 , jpgs are still sharpened.

  4. multispot funtionality like Olympus OM4
    using AEL button
    need to change "A" menu voice "AEL/AFL" and add option 4 ("Multispot" )
    description of features:
    In mode 4 if you press AEL button for the first time you memorize spot exposimeter value (EV)
    if you press the second time you memorize the mean value between the first and second read
    if you press the third time you memorize the mean between the first, second and third value .....
    you can memorize at maximum 8 values and the mean btween these 8 values ( like OM4 setting)
    i think its not so difficult to hack
    when you press the 9 value you can reset ( or eliminate the first value)
    or like OM4 use the switch selector ( 1 to 2) to reset the mean value


  5. > flash any firmware ... is modified or not.
    I haven't found a way to get Olympus updates as a file. I understand how to update the firmware using Olympus software, but I also understand the warnings about what happens if battery runs out or connectivity is lost. Firmware Control would make you many friends if we could get Olympus firmware updates as a file from somewhere.

  6. @fourletternerd I will make an update with support of official Olympus updates today. Stay tuned!

  7. Different frame rates and higher bitrates were the first things that came to my mind. It would be incredible to improve video maybe the way Vitaly's ptool does for the GH2.
    Oh, and definitely a Mac-Version of the software if possible!

  8. Motion detect! It is cool~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE0368NBG1U

  9. amazing function ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksg78bteN7s&t=37s

  10. The Program crashes on Windows 8.1 when i want to download a firmware for the epl3...

  11. Sorry, but i can*t uncompress the downloaded Folder fpr 4_c.
    Why is the size more than 60 MB?

  12. Hi Jonathan, can you contact me on private please ? thank you :)

    1. I can not find any contact information of you. Please write me an email: hansi.best@gmail.com

  13. Hi Jonathan,
    das Progi läuft leider nicht unter W7 x64, wenn ich denn server starte blitz einmal kurz das cmd Fenster auf und dann Server Stopped. Eine Idee? Gruss Uwe

    1. I included a prerequisite. Check if it works with Pyhton2.6 installed. For me it worked on win7_64x with that.

  14. tnx for the prerequisite, now server starts, but error:local firmware file does not exists! Uwe.

    1. Did you select a flashable firmware file? This error message only shows up, when no file is found. If your problem still exist you can email me: hansi.best@gmail.com
      (in German if you want)

  15. I fixed it.
    First step i copied the firmware file into python directory.( error gone )
    Second step i switched off the firewall. ( Oly Updater found the server )
    Voila, it did the job on my E-M5 and flashed.TNX a lot, i will play a bit more the next days.Uwe.

    1. Did what Anonymous said, Firmware Control still crashes as soon as I try to edit the host file. Win 7 64 bit. Any thoughts?

    2. Maybe you have a firewall or a Anti-Virus app that disables the access. Try to edit the file on your own. I updated the post regarding this topic.

    3. Editing the file directly (once I figured out how to make _that_ work) did the trick, and it's running 2.0 now. Thanks!

  16. Hi within oly_models_body.xml you have the EM10 body as model 1090 and 1130. So when you try to update EM1 body to firmware 2.0 it searches for OLY_E_113_1200_0000_0000_HACKED.BIN and not OLY_E_109_2006_0000_0000.BIN so the server does not start. I had to go into the TEMP folder and manually change the file name inside start_server.bat, this solved the problem. Even olympus updater reports firmware as 1.5 but when installed camera says 2.0.

  17. Update on previous post regardless of the camera body chosen or the name of the file selected, when choosing to flash a custom file start_server.bat always looks for OLY_E_113_1200_0000_0000_HACKED.BIN. This is confirmed in version 0.4d and 0.5.

    1. That file is not in use. Please use the main application to flash a firmware.

    2. When you try to start server it calls upon start_server.bat but filename OLY_E_113_1200_0000_0000_HACKED.BIN is always referenced, two solutions is to either rename the file to OLY_E_113_1200_0000_0000_HACKED.BIN or edit start_server.bat to look for correct file.

    3. The file I execute is the python file. If you remove the bat file the windows program still works as normal. There is no code reference to that bat file. If that problem still exists write me an email: hansi.best@gmail.com

  18. Hallo, habe das Problem das sich der Server nicht starten lässt. Sobald ich die firmware-Datei auswähle startet kurz der Server, schwarzes Fenster blinkt auf und dann stopt der Server wieder. Phyton habe ich instaliert. Ich habe win7 x64. Kannst du mir weiterehelfen ... Danke

  19. The python is 64 bit.
    Another are here. https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6/
    (1)for x86 - https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6/python-2.6.msi
    (2)for Mac - https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6/python-2.6-macosx2008-10-01.dmg

  20. Would you be able to release a Linux version of your tool? Thanks.

  21. Have you ever considered releasing the source code? I would love to make a GTK version for Linux users.
    I've had many issues flashing Olympus firmwares in VM's

  22. Any chance of EVOLT/E-series Olympus DSLR support? Particulary E-600? :)

    1. I will have a look at it. Maybe I will add all Olympus cameras

    2. What update do you need? Is it the same update as for the 620?

  23. Hi,

    Does anybody have an experience of hacking the firmware of E-PM2? Any success or improvement regarding video quality?