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Olympus Online Firmware Update Tool

I created a simple online tool too help you update your camera.
It keeps you in control of what firmware your cameras has. May is be a down and upgrade - with a downloaded firmware file it is easier and more secure to install than with the official updater!

It supports all the current OM-D models, most of the PEN series and the last Stylus. Basically every camera I could think of which a update was provided for. If your model is missing write me a short mail here. It also provides a number of questions regarding this process. Don't tend to ask if yours is not answered.

A screenshot of the update tool

I will try to expend this as I can. All the possible coming hacked firmwares will be available.
This also replaces the old firmware update tool for Windows.

Hacking Update

A log time has passed since I updated this blog about hacking my Olympus OM-D E-M10.
Since it's exam time till end of March I have only very limited time, but nevertheless I found a new way of launching code inside the firmware files.

If you look closely at the code of the debugging menu, you recognize each command is fairly simmilar. I replaced some code of the debug menu and it worked right away.
I tried to replace the text of this debug command.

Here is a video of the result:

I will have another look at this in a few days. In April I have plenty of time to work on this.
Also I will release on online tool how to update/downgrade your camera with the SD card.

See you soon.