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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Custom Firmware

//Update 15.08.14

3 custom firmwares for the E-M10!

Try it yourself! Read the description of the firmware you want to flash. You will have to decide for yourself what you want and therefore which file to flash.You can always go back to the original firmware if you want by using my Firmware Control Tool.

How to flash a firmware

Extract the file and put it in a folder called "DCOLYMP" on your SD-Card.
Check if the firmware file is inside the folder and put the SD-Card into your camera. Now start the camera while pushing the OK button. The red LED will go on for about 1 minute. If it's flashing on/off you know, that the process is finished. You can restart your camera now and you're all done.


Firmware 1: http://goo.gl/SenwLB
    Changed the INFO screen for the firmware button as seen here.
    This firmware is save and has been tested.

Firmware 2: http://goo.gl/UN226d
    This firmware will do nothing but changing the internal name of the camera.
    This means the exif files you get are marked as "E-M5".
    Why should you do this?
    Because Windows does support the Raw files of the E-M5. You can preview it in the explorer
    and ind the standard image viewer application. Also if you have an older Photshop version like me
    you are now able to edit the raw files.

Firmware 3: http://gdurl.com/H8XV/download
    This firmware enables you to select ISO values of 80, 125 and 160 via the Olympus Image Share
    App. For more information check this post out.
    This firmware is save and has been tested.

//Original post date: 08.08.14
//Update 1: 10.08.14
//Update 2: 15.08.14
//Update 3: 22.08.14


  1. Have you tried the E-M1 version on your EM-10? Is it safe to install? And does it provide extra features?

    1. No I haven't tried it, because I don't have my camera nearby this week. It would be nice, if anybody would try it out. :)

  2. That´s great, what do you aim to do?
    More flexible HDR control would be great! For example being able to shoot 9 pictures with 3 stops between them. I have no idea how hard that could be.
    And people will start to ask for higer bitrates for video I´m sure.
    Good luck!

  3. Is it possible to edit anything in the WiFi settings area? It would be great for example to:
    - Change te wpa code to anything you desire.
    - Change the SSID/ network name
    - Enable it to connect to another wifi network (instead of its own connection)

    1. Well apparently there is some method with the FlashAir Cards. More information here:

      maybe this works. Will try when I'll get my camera back.

  4. Hi, after installing custom firmware can we still send for warranty? i have a problem now, after updating from official olympus v.1.2 firmware now i cant seem to connect wifi to my phone

    1. I had a similar problem and Olympus did repair is as normal. Just don't mention what you did.
      Just say "It's not working. Please fix it." They will repair it.

  5. Would also be super interested in an e-m5 update for either a higher framerate or an improvement of the codec in order to have better video results. Therefore I could also take the risk and test it. It would be worth for me to donate about 250€ depanding on what exactly is going to be done, because otherwise maybe I'd have to change or increase my system. Hopefully there'll be some updates about when or if there will be any custom firmware in the future. I'd really appreciate it!
    Sincerely, Simon :)

  6. Do you think it is possible to delete the 30min-Recording-limit in Video?