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Olympus Commander Windows

If you want a perfect and fully working application to control your Olympus camera via WiFi you should try the "Camera Control" tool here:

This is being developed by Andreas Rebs and is not related to any of my work.

The following program is developed by me:
I stopped any development on this because the other program is just perfect.

This program for windows allows you control your Olympus OM-D camera right from your PC. I also try to include new features like a 1/8000 shutter speed.

  • take photos //done
  • review last shot & others //done
  • set exposure/ISO/mode/dial Mode/etc. //done
  • exposure  1/8000 //in progress. OIShare protocol allows that, but the camera refuses that value
  • live view //planned
  • Maybe a live view where you are still able to use the camera

I looked at the protocol between the "Olympus Image Share" application and reversed engineered the buttons. Olympus made no effort to secure the connection. The commands are send in clear text and can be read easily with any sniffer program:

SmartSniff - traffic between the Olympus App and the camera

It took me like an of hour to develop a program which is now able to execute the commands captured in the sniffer program: Sometimes it was quite difficult to time the commands if you want to make more calls in a short period of time.
But the goal is more or less to extend the functionality of the Olympus App: I want to fully control my camera without any limitations! As Olympus is not willing to give us that freedom, we have to create it ourself. :)

Current development state:
InDev. Can take pictures an immediately show it.

//Original Post: 30.07.14
//Update 09.08.14


  1. Is this planned to work via USB or WIFI ?

  2. Thanks for the great work!

    Do you think that it's possible to write a mobile app that sends commands instead of the O.I.Share? I'm asking because there are two features that the O.I.Share doesn't have in Live View mode: exposure bracketing and fast sequential shooting with antishock=0sec. Apparently it shouldn't be too hard to write such an app because it only needs to send scheduled requests for shooting in different exposures. What do you think?

  3. Hi - is the source code for your app open ? I'd like to try building a remote app for my E-M10, but aimed at stop-motion animation and probably on Android. I'd love to see a worked example of the protocol from someone who had already figured it out... :-)



    1. Sure. Have a look here: http://lightsnowdev.blogspot.com/2015/01/olympus-wifi-control.html
      and here: http://lightsnowdev.blogspot.com/2014/12/a-little-idea.html