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New ISO-80, ISO-125 & ISO-160 Values?

Today I worked on the ISO values of the camera. The camera's lowest ISO is "LOW" (=100) but I read a few words that this is only a pushed ISO200.
Nevertheless I created a few new values which are in between those two.
I took a few pictures with the values 80, 100(not LOW), 125 and 160. The problem is: I am not sure if that changed anything in the real picture. The EXIF metadata could be wrong.

Since my experience as a photographer is not huge I ask for your opinion: Do you think the ISO values (screenshots & raw files) are effective and represent the right metadata tag?

How to enable

I created a custom firmware with some edited binary integer arrays. Put the camera in manual (M) mode and connect to a phone via WiFi. In the ISO dial there is a empty button witch enables the Auto-ISO mode even though the normal Auto-ISO mode is not available in manual mode. Then the ISO values go below 200 and down to a minimum of 80.

Android Olympus Image Share Screenshot


RAW Files:

Link: http://gdriv.es/rawiso


Download firmware for the E-M10

Link for all E-M10 firmware downloads: http://lightsnowdev.blogspot.com/2014/08/olympus-om-d-e-m10-custom-firmware.html


  1. I can't tell the difference. But maybe you can crank one value up to e.g. 1111 ISO and compare it to a standard 200. That difference would be definitely visible.

    1. For now this only works under ISO-200. But I will try a hack with higher values.

  2. Ich sehe schon einen guten Unterschied, die höhere ISO ist definitiv heller.
    Nebenbei, ich finds super , dass Du Deine Hacks öffentlich machst Danke.Uwe.

    I can see quite good difference, the higher ISO looks def. brighter.
    By the way, its great sharing your hacks to the public.Tnx.

  3. If you lock in the shadows you can clearly see that the 200 ISO examples is brighter.

  4. A tool like RawDigger can be used to examine the effect of the ISO on the RAW files.
    If you could share some files of the same scene (in iso 80, 100, etc), I'll try to examine them.

    1. There is a download link for the raw files.