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New Olympus OM-D and PEN Firmware Leaks!

This is outdated. Please have a look here if you want to up/downgrade your camera.


Today I present you firmware leaks for the complete Olympus OM-D series and the PEN line-up. The files are all from the Olympus server. A complete feature list will follow. Since I only have an E-M10 it's up to you to write the new features in the comments. Thank you for that! :)

The new firmware versions are:

  • E-PL3: 1.5

  • E-PM3: 1.3

  • E-P3: 1.5

  • E-P5: 1.6

  • E-M1: 2.1

  • E-M5: 2.1

  • E-M10: 1.2

Only feature: Support of the new 40-150 2.8 lens and the teleconverter.

How to flash a firmware

First Download file and rename it:
  • If you have an E-PL3  rename it to "E0861500.BIN"
  • If you have an E-PM2 rename it to "E1011300.BIN"
  • If you have an E-P3    rename it to "E0851500.BIN"
  • If you have an E-P5    rename it to "E1081600.BIN"  
  • If you have an E-M1   rename it to "E1092100.BIN" 
  • If you have an E-M5   rename it to "E0972100.BIN"
  • If you have an E-M10 rename it to "E1131200.BIN"
  • Pay attention and rename the file right.
Put the file into a folder called "DCOLYMP" on your SD-Card.
Check if everything is correct and put the SD-Card into your camera. Now start the camera while pushing the OK button. The red LED will go on for about 1 minute. If it's flashing on/off you know, that the process is finished. You can restart your camera now and you're all done.

E-PL3: download link  
E-PM2: download link  
E-P3:    download link   
E-P5:    download link   
E-M1:   download link
E-M5:   download link
E-M10: download link

Is this save? Can this hurt my camera?
No, it will most likely not hurt your camera. This should be all save. Be aware of the risks, but don't be scared. Nothing is hacked here. Nothing modified. You wont loose your warranty if anything goes wrong.

Is this allowed?
Yes it is. 100%.

Will I loose my warranty?
No you will not. But maybe you want to wait for any claims after the firmware if officially released to be save.

Is this an official update?
Yes it's 100% official and made by Olympus itself. This firmware is not an development firmware, hacked or manipulated in any way. I found this file myself on the server. I'm not in touch with Olympus nor am I a beta tester.

Will Olympus know that I flashed it?
If you tell them or send them the camera before the firmware is released: Yes. Otherwise: No.
Even if you brick/break your camera with a firmware update, they will handle it as a normal defect.

I don't like the upgrade. Can I downgrade?
Yes you can. Download my Firmware Control Tool to restore your old firmware.

Other questions
Ask any other questions in the comments or you can contact me if you want.

Q: Will this break my camera? Is my warranty void?
A: No it will not break or brick your camera if you follow the tutorial. Even if something goes wrong your warranty should stay intact and you can contact your company to get a new camera.


  1. Great find. But two out of three links are dead already.

    1. As Leif Sikorski mentioned: The Links do work.
      I will reupload them if thats not the case.

  2. Can you upload the files with dead links to Mega.co.nz or WeTransfer?
    And do you know if there are any video framerate improvements? 25p?

  3. Could you please share the changes for the E-M10? I would guess that it's similar to the recent E-M1 update with the Keystone Feature, Vintage filters, maybe compatibility to the tethered shooting application, improved focus peaking and such things?

    But it looks like the version numbers are switched. The E-M10 should be v1.2 and the E-M5 version 2.1 - shouldn't it?

    1. P.S: The links are working again

    2. Updated. Sorry no new filters or tethered shooting. Only the mentioned things so far.

    3. Oh okay. Assigning MySets to mode dial positions was already possible before - I'm using it on my E-M10 v1.1.

    4. Oh I did not know this :D Well I better leave it up to the people to find new things.

    5. Checked my camera with v1.1. and the red eye slow option was there before as well.

      Maybe they're preparing an update and put the old firmware in as placeholder until the new one is ready and official?

    6. I removed all features now. I checked the code. Its not the same. Maybe it's just a bugfix release.

  4. @Leif
    Can you check video settings?

    1. I haven't installed it - I'll wait for the official update. It shouldn't be that far away if they keep the files on their server.

  5. Made it successful on the OMD-EM5 no Keystone Comp., Video modes are the same as OMD-EM1, No HDR, Multiple exposure continues only 2f, No time Lapse Settings, No AF area pointer, No C-AF Lock, No added functions to the buttons, No Release Time Lag option, No Flicker Reduction, No Expand LV.Dynamic Range, No peaking settings, No depth of field lock, No 0sec Antishock, No Flash Sync speed 1/320, No volume limiter on video mode, No EVF auto luminance adjustment, No half way level, No AF Focus adj. on k.menu utility, No Electronic Zoom Speed on menu k.utility, No new art filters.

    These are some of the things I noticed at first and comparing it to the EM1 menu. So nothing new in here.

    It seems that this maybe be either a demo version or a initial version.

    I did noticed that the camera now switch on much faster and finally wake up correctly but further testing is needed. Was hoping for at least a 0s anti-shock feature but not on this version. Camera says 2.1 but few things were implemented.

    Video modes are still the same and the lack of the sound limiter, for me, nothing has changed much unfortunately.

    Hope this helps to some of you who were planning to make the update.

    1. Well I had the same impression with my E-M10. I can't find any change in the menu or else. Maybe faster yes, but would Olympus make a complete new firmware lineup because of the boot time?
      I looked up the code and I would say that a lot of parameters have changed.
      It's definitely a new version, but the reason is unclear yet. At least we know, that Olympus did not stop the development for the E-M5 or other older cameras.
      Thank you for your detailed report!

    2. Your welcome, I will not update the EM1 as it seems this is still in the early stages of the firmware and not much things have been added except maybe a few bug corrections. Thank you for posting them so we can try out.

      The thing here is if Olympus did come out with this 2.1 new version and put the file on top of this one on the server how can we upgrade it since it will not be detected by the Software updater?

  6. The updates are now officially released by Olympus:

  7. It seems the updates to all the cameras are solely related to the autofocus of the new 40-150mm zoom lens. That's the only improvement. "Precision of AF when M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens is mounted has been improved.:

  8. I think all videographers would agree, #1 priority is higher (or custom) video bitrates.
    You must be noticing blocky video compression when panning, or when there's a general motion in the video.

  9. Why does everyone forget the E-PL5?
    Version 1.3, for those who care.

  10. How to get EM1 Firmware 2.2? Thanks

    1. download it here: http://dl01.olympus-imaging.com/OLYMPUS_MASTER/FIRMWARES/0001/1090/OLY_E_109_2200_0000_0000.BIN

  11. can i replace em5 with em5 mark 2 firmware.... is that safe...?
    and how to add artfilter partial color on em5 old