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New Color and Setup Debug Menu

This was tested with an Olympus OM-D E-M5. It may also work on PEN devices.
If you follow this tutorial to get to the "Test Debug Menu" you can set various different modes. I clicked trough a lot of them and got 2 new debug menus to show up.

1. Color Settings

Prg: 26 Item: variable

I think OSD means OnScreenDisplay, but the thanges you make take no effect. Just a simple "OSD" text is shown, if you click ok.

2. Setup Screen

Prg: 245  - extends lens
Prg: 246  - ?
Prg: 247  - lens test
Prg: 249  - flash test
Prg: 250  - retract lens
Prg: 251  - sensor cleaning (?)
Item: Sets the number of repetitions. 0 is infinite.
The Item value sets the Limit. For example if you set Item to 1 the picture blow will show up.


  1. How do you launch all these tests?

    1. Have a look here: http://lightsnowdev.blogspot.com/2014/08/hidden-test-mode-olympus-omd.html