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OM-D E-M5 Firmware Experiment

I think its do dangerous, so I removed the links. I will have a look again.

I compiled a new firmware from the OM-D E-M10 firmware files and other modifications. This firmware is highly experimental and highly likely to brick your camera. Only test it, if you can do without it. If you want to test it nevertheless:
  1. Download the firmware here
  2. Follow this tutorial to flash the firmware
Alternatively you can create a folder called "DCOLYMP" on your sd card and put the file in there. Start your camera while pushing the OK button to flash it. If the LED blinks on/off the process is finished.
If you flashed the firmware, please let me know!

Tip: If you brick it, your warranty is not touched. You can get a new one from Olympus.


  1. If I brick it, can I flash the original firmware back from the SD card, using the DCOLYMP-method? Or won't it boot into the SD-card then anymore?

    1. Well to be honest: I don't know, if you can still flash it that way. I tried to flash e-m1 files to my em10 and it never switched on again. But I think this was because of the different on switch. The on switches of the em5 and em10 are more or less the same.

  2. What did you change in this firmware?

  3. some video to see in action?

  4. E-M5 have OIS 5 axis, E-M10 not,
    same problem with this?
    E-M10 have flash integrate and E-M5 not,
    all buttons works correct?


  5. I don't know whats going to happen. Buttons are the same, tough the Play and the FN1 are switched.

  6. i think is difficult found people risk our 1000$ camera

  7. Anyone tried it yet? results