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Olympus WiFi Control

The little idea is now a working application.

This application is written in C# (WPF) and is open source.
I will also upload my other applications in the feature.
There is nothing to hide, but a HDD crash made a few problems.

version 1.0

Application tutorial:
  1. connect the camera to your WiFi computer
  2. start the application
  3. hit the button

I will develop some additional features mentioned int "the little idea" like

  • motion detection 
  • sound recognition
  • scripting
  • focus peaking
  • show aperture/ISO/shutter speed etc...
  • and more

I added a GitHub for you, so you can develop your own application based on the LiveView protocol.
You can also push commits if you want! If you want to know how the LiveView works look here.


more information later...


  1. just tried. great idea. wish more to come.

    1. Focus Peaking is working, but it's ultra slow.
      Next up will be a trap shot.

  2. motion detection is awesome for shooting bird's returning nest! Yah!

  3. hi
    The zoyi lens (宙玉) makes photo upside down. http://i.imgur.com/zh25BPe.jpg
    Its principle is like crystal ball. http://pentaxfans.net/thread-131688-1-1.html
    When taking photo , the upside down liveview always bother users.
    Is it possible to correct the upside down liveview by firmware?

  4. I have the E-M5 which has no WIFI, how difficult would it be to get your software to make use of USB protocols to manage the camera ?

    I see many people looking for a solution even to backup camera settings edit on your PC and restore back to the camera

    1. Here are some information about the USB protocol: http://linda.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/~jove/oly/
      But no even Olympus uses a back-up feature. I don't think it can be implemented with just reverse engineering.