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Moving the blog & reworking the online tool

Since this blog is a bit dusty, I moved it to my own homepage: https://lightsnowdev.com/blog/
From now on, every blog post will be on my main homepage and not on blogger. Every old post, every comment has been moved, so no worries.

And now onto some development:

The old 'Olympus Update Tool' was outdated most of the time I reworked the tool. It is now updating itself every week on it's own. I am sure it leads to a more up to date database (...)

Visit my new blog homepage to check out what is happening!


  1. hey, is it possible fo ryou to unlock some better video on the EM10? Mark 1. I really love my camera but the video on it is quite mediocre
    the features im willing to see is 1080p video that will be less pixelated (maybe less compression? as for now my em10 videos are not as sharp and detailed as id like, theyre shet compared to Canon cams and all that stuff). It can be in 24fps if thats a limitation, as long as its better quality.

    2) if possible, get some 60fps or even more than that onto the olympus, at any resolution (np. if its 720p or 480p, i want as most slow mo options as i can get).

    Overall, make it a more cinematic camera. It will be great if yodu be able to do it, id donate if id get these features :)

  2. Hey guys is it possible to look onto yi m1 firmware for hacks?